Welcome to Bali

Enjoy Bali before or after our World Encounter. The island offers many possibilities for your well being in nature, with spirituality, beautiful and relaxing beaches. You can also enjoy yourself with (traditional) shopping. Below you find more information for your beautiful trip.


During the World Encounter we'll have a tourist information booth available where you can book your (afternoon) trips or book your trips and transfers after the World Encounter. You can visit the (water) temples, Tanah Lot or enjoy the rivers and waterfalls.


Most beaches in Bali are great for swimming. The island offers easy beaches, and also beaches with huge waves for surfers, and daring swimmers!


Dive into the spiritual atmosphere on Bali. It has many temples and different kinds of spiritual workshops and festivals. Nature itself is already a spiritual experience!


Experience the culture of the Balinese people full of tradition and respect for gods and nature. Take these experiences home.

Tickets and Travel information


Most major airlines have good offers to Bali Indonesia. The international airport on Bali is in "DenPasar" and the airport code is "DPS". The World Encounter is happening in February which is the low season, so you can find yourself a good deal. You can use SkyScanner to find good flight options:

To/From airport

From the airport you can take a taxi to "The Mansion" in Ubud. The ride will take about 1,5 hours and will cost you 300.000 Rupiah (20 euro or 24 US$). From Kuta Beach or Legian Beach it is a little cheaper (200.000 Rupiah). We do not advice public transport, as it can take a long time on the island, so we advice you to organise a taxi or use organised "transfers".




Tours to/from Bali

During the World Encounter we have a tour booking office for (afternoon) trips during the encounter, but also for trips after the biodanza week. We also suggest to check out the following tour operators.


International tours: Intrepid tours have wonderful options for tours for international groups

SPECIAL FOR DUTCH PEOPLE:  "Slow Traveling & Mindfulness week" vóór of na de encounter

Unieke kans om het echte dagelijkse leven op Bali te ervaren.

€ 495 voor deelnemers inclusief overnachtingen, excursies, transporten, ... ...

Zie flyer voor alle informatie

"Slow Traveling & Mindfulness" week vóór of na Biodanza World Encounter
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Articles and information

Health, Safety and other considerations

Bali is pretty safe and most of you do not need vaccinations. Please check out these pages regarding Health, safety and visa requirements. It gives you some practicalities you can consider.