Biodanza in Business - for several clients in the world

What if the path to an organization’s well being did not involve arduous teambuilding exercises, long winded meetings or harrowing negotiations but something as simple and pleasurable as dancing?”

(Christo van Staden, Let’s Dance, Sunday Times 13th April 2003)


Themes to support you in your (training) programmes or sessions

Feel the Team Spirit


Situational Leadership


Celebrate successess


Inspire yourself, and others




7 Habits of Highly Effective People


So, you think you can not dance?


What are your core values?


What do you really care about?


Bring Fun & Play in your business


Coaching and Leading


Your body speaks too! Listen...

Trust your gut feeling




If it is not about the numbers, what is about then?


Connect with your colleagues, & clients


Organisational Well Being


Open up ....



Er zijn speciale workshops voor (grote) groepen binnen organisaties. De thema’s zijn vooraf bepaald met de opdrachtgever en kunnen bijvoorbeeld gaan over "onderlinge afstemming", "leiderschap", " samenwerking", "balans en gezondheid", "druk" of "conflicten en communicatie". De oefeningen worden ingebed in een business programma, training of bedrijfsevenement. NB: We zullen de woorden "dansen" en "Biodanza" vermijden en spreken over muziek en beweging.


Kijk voor meer informatie over de bedrijfsprogramma's op Reinder Schonewille of Qipeople



We deliver special programmes for (large) groups within organisations. We develop the themes with our clients and could content "creating alignment", "leadership", "team work", "well being", "communication and conflicts" or "dealing with pressure". Our exercises will be embedded in the business programme, training or organisation event. NB: We will not use the words "Biodanza" and "dancing" and talk about music and movement.


Please read more about our programmes at Reinder Schonewille


We used the technology of Biodanza in business and leadership programmes for different organisations and businesses:

  • Silence Speaks and playful workshop at CGT 2019 in Loewe Hotel Hollywood, California, USA, 2019
  • Business and Team programme for Achmea, Netherlands, 2019
  • Session at the Conference for Global Transformation in Monterey California, USA, 2018
  • Sessions during"Presence" Leadership Programmes (Prorail, Stedin, Rabobank), Qipeople, Netherlands, 2017
  • "Inspire - Be Inspired" leadership session, Firmament, Netherlands, 2017
  • Session during conference"The Way of Wonder, a life of expecting miracles" of Landmark Wisdom Course Area New York, Secrets Puerto Los Cabos, Mexico, 2016
  • De Stuw organisation, organisation development and creation sessions, team coaching programme, Netherlands, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Session for leaders at Conference for Global Transformation, “Talk your talk, now walk your walk”, San Francisco, USA, 2016
  • Qipeople, Leadership programmes for different organisations, Netherlands, 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Nierstichting, Dutch Kidney Foundation, team coaching programme, Netherlands, 2015
  • ANWB, HR department sessions, Netherlands, 2015
  • Vasquena Pharmacies, company creation sessions, Netherlands, 2015
  • Session for leaders at “Conference for Global Transformation”, San Francisco, USA, 2015
  • Join!ForKids, organisation development programme, Amsterdam, 2014, 2015
  • TMF Group, Leadership programme, team coaching programme, employee engagement programme, Curacao, 2014
  • AbbVie Pharmaceutical, during team coaching programmes Netherlands, 2014
  • BAM Construction Company, during several team coaching programmes, Netherlands, 2013, 2014
  • De Stuw organisation, organisation development and creation sessions, team coaching programme, Netherlands, 2012
  • Xerox Manufacturing, inspiration session, Netherlands, 2011
  • The Hague city council, time management programme, Netherlands, 2011
  • Firmament, coaching and training programme, Netherlands, 2011
  • IVVL - Institute for New Leadership, leadership programmes, Netherlands, 2009, 2010
  • Session at “European Summit for Global Transformation”, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2009